When your trainer is this much fun, your workout gets so much easier! Although, don’t think that these 45 minute’s will be a walk in the park. Think more along the lines of a run with some jumping jacks and squat jumps (and that’s just the warming-up)!

What to expect

This workout will repeat exercises a few times so you have some time to get used to them and crush them in the repeating working blocks. As always, POPSUGAR FITNESS shows you some great modifications (like low impact or planking from the knees), so you can alter the workout to your own needs. This makes this another great workout if you are beginner, intermediate or even advanced.

My view

Alternating bodyweight strength and cardio exercises assure you a great workout. In just 45 minutes this follow along workout will train every muscle in your body and burn many calories with cardio work. It’s just a great workout for all levels. What else can I say?

+ 40 minutes
+ No equipment
+ Cardio
+ Bodyweight strength
+ Sculpting and toning
+ Intermediate & Advanced
+ Modifications
+ Full body
+ No equipment
+ Follow along
+ With music


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