Make sure you know what you get into with this 40 minute workout by Caroline Girvan. She describes this workout as one that burns a lot of energy, and I would say it pretty much sets everything on fire. Even things you didn’t know existed within your body.

What to expect

It’s a 20 minute high intensity workout + 20 minutes ‘steady state’ cardio that will work your full body. Every exercise is different: no repeats! This will make the time go by a little faster. And maybe the only way that you’ll commit to this workout because if you know what’s coming.. I’m not sure that you would! No I’m kidding. Its really a great and fun workout, but beware that it is a tough one.

My view

You won’t need any equipment, which is great. Although this video is ‘follow along’ as are all my reviewed workouts, there is also no talking during this one. I only ‘allow’ no talking workouts on my platform for high level intermediate or advanced workouts, because I want it to be as safe as possible. This is one of those workouts. The previews shown in the screen show you what exercise is coming up next so you can try it out before the timer starts.

There will be little to no breaks, so this will probably be one of the most productive 40 minutes ever. Also: the cool down is great but there is no warmup. So please take the time to get properly warmed up before you start. Good luck!

+ 40 minutes
+ HIIT and Cardio
+ No equipment
+ High intensity
+ Female trainer
+ No talking
+ Follow along
+ Intermediate & Advanced
+ With a timer
+ With previews
+ With music
+ Including a cool down but no warmup


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