This video shows the difference between dance cardio and dancing. If you are not just here to burn calories (although you will) but you also want to learn a great choreography, then this is the video you need to press play on!

What to expect

Of course dancing is a cardio workout, but you will learn a great choreography with this one as well. This workout will make you feel like you are in a music video, on your high school dance team or just kicking it with the cool guys. Workouts like these are all about the fun.

My view

Doing dance cardio at home is the best! You can just let go and enjoy yourself without worrying if anyone is watching (although you shouldn’t forget to close the drapes if you are really embarrassed about your skills). This routine isn’t easy but it feels so good! The moves are really cool. And if you didn’t get it straight away, who cares. Just do it again!

I would advice watching this on a big screen because the mirrors in the back sometimes make it hard to see the moves.

+ 40 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ Male trainer
+ No equipment
+ High intensity
+ All fitness levels
+ No modifications
+ Follow along


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