Recovery yoga! I love it! Why? Well, I think it is very important to take the time to relax, stretch and unwind after stressing your body with a workout.

Yes, moving and doing the work is good for you but it shouldn’t be al you do. You have to wind down, actively work on your recovery. Reset, destress and relax. Take a rest day.

My view: Add this yoga routine at the end of your workout, or make some time for this video on a restday in between workouts. Restore your body. It’s important!

What to expect: as the thumbnail suggests, you can use blocks and a strap but some books and a t-shirt or towel will do fine. This gentle flow by Beyoutifulliving will take you trough all the basics: cat-cow, downward dog, lunges, twists, hip openers, chest openers and more. Enjoy!

+ 40 minutes
+ You’ll need blocks and a strap or books and a t-shirt
+ Restorative Yoga
+ All fitness levels
+ Perfect for your rest day
+ Female trainer
+ With music


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