This is another great example that you don’t need to be jumping to get a great workout in. This is so great, not only for your body if you need it, but also if you live in an apartment or have any other reason you don’t want to jump. So grab your dumbells and let’s get started!

What to expect

There are three circuits in which you will work with the dumbells. This is preceded by a warmup so you are ready to lift. As Joanna Soh says herself in the description of this video: this is not a fast pace workout nor is it high impact. It is low intensity and low impact and suitable for all levels. This is true, because you can use a lighter weight or even drop the weights for some exercises if you are a beginner, or pick some heavier ones if you are used to it.

My view

I love this workout because you know exactly what to expect (the exercises are shown at the beginning of the workout), the moves are explained very well, not all exercises are done with the dumbbells, so the workout is versatile and you will work your whole body in just 40 minutes.

I would advice to have a few different weights handy. This way you can adjust as you go.

+ 40 minutes
+ full body
+ with dumbells
+ follow along
+ low impact
+ no jump/apartment friendly
+ female trainer
+ all fitness levels
+ great for (ultimate) beginners
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with a warmup and cool down


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