This is one powerhouse of a woman! And workout!

What to expect

This is my definition of a great low impact (no jumping) workout that can be great for intermediates but is mostly pretty advanced. You will have to push yourself to get through this workout and some exercises are really kind of crazy. Fortunately there are modifications shown on the screen so please take them if needed! 

This is a no-talking workout so you won’t get any other help than the help you give yourself by modifying. You have to take care of yourself. If you feel like you are working the wrong muscles, if you are hurting your back or feel like you can’t keep your form: be wise and take the modification. 

Actually the trainer does this herself as well! So park your ego and be good to your body. We’re only human.

My view

A tough workout that will have you dripping with sweat and maybe try some exercise combinations you haven’t done before. You won’t be jumping so your neighbors or housemates will thank you. It will be a tough 40 minutes but it’s worth it! There is no warmup or cool down in this one so please do this yourself before you start and after you finish the workout.

I’ve got some warmup workout reviews for you right here. And some cool down reviews over here.

+ 40 minutes
+ Advanced full body workout
+ Low impact
+ No jumping/apartment friendly
+ No equipment
+ Bodyweight workout
+ Female trainer
+ With previews
+ With modifications
+ With music
+ No talking
+ Higher level intermediate & advanced


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