This is the definition of your perfect at-home leg day.

What to expect

Grab a set of dumbells (a couple of different weights or a set that will challenge you but allow you to maintain control for about 10-12 reps) and a mat and let’s do this! This workout has all the basic exercises that will help strengthen every muscle in your lower body. Squats, lunges, deadlifts and hip bridges: it’s all in there and it will kick your butt (in a good way). As Heather Robertson writes in the description of this video: these exercises will create strength, definition and tone.

My view

Covering the basics, adding some weight and repetition is the key to succes. This is simply a very effective workout. Including a warmup, cool down (stretch) so.. just press play and let’s do this!

+ 40 minutes
+ lower body
+ strength training
+ with dumbells
+ female trainer
+ no talking
+ with previews
+ with timer
+ with music
+ intermediate & advanced
+ beginner option: leave out the dumbells
+ including warmup and cool down


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