Had a busy week filled with workouts? This is the flow for you!

What to expect

So don’t be fooled by the title of this workout. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this one. But if you’ve had a busy week of workouts, this is a great one to do.

It is by no means an easy yoga flow, some poses are pretty tough and there are many vinyasa flows (chaturanga) that will have you feeling your arm- and upper back muscles the next day. That said, it is a great flow that made my whole body feel better afterwards. And with the many options and modifications that are given, it’s great for everyone. 

I have actually done this workout a couple of times now! That’s how much I love it.

My view

This 40 minute flow is a great way to stretch all the muscles that you’ve been hitting during your workouts. It’s a great recovery workout that will help your body and mind release, balance and restore.

Trainer Calvin Corzine uses yoga blocks and a strap. I don’t have this equipment at home so I used stuff from around the house (books or a small box and a towel for example). Just make sure you are prepared for this before you start your flow.

+ 40 minutes
+ yoga flow
+ for recovery
+ perfect to do on your rest day
+ for all fitness (and yoga) levels
+ male trainer
+ yoga strap & one block (or household items)
+ release, balance, restore
+ no music


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