This is a is a non-talking upper body workout video. As you may know, the videos by Heather Robertson are one of the few that I post without ‘narration’. This is because the quality is so good, there are previews of the exercises that are going to come up and her execution is flawless.

What to expect

Every muscle in your upper body will be challenged in this workout. Your core (all abdominal muscles and lower back), arms, shoulders and upper back will have their work cut out for them. From inch-worms to plank jacks, push-up variations and tricep presses.. It’s all in there. And because it is a HIIT workout there will be some jumping jacks and burpees as well.

My view

I have chosen to review this workout because of the enormous variety of exercises that Heather Robertson put in this video. And it’s all without equipment! So it’s accessible for everyone. Well, everyone that is on an intermediate or advanced level. There is also a great warmup and cool down added, so finish up these 40 minutes and you are completely done.

+ 40 minutes
+ upper body workout
+ core, arms, back
+ female trainer
+ no talking
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with previews
+ with timer
+ intermediate & advanced
+ no equipment


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