Rick Bhullar will help you out all the way through this workout. And you really might need it. A walking workout might sound easy, and yes it is easy on your joints, it is not easy on your muscles!

What to expect: workouts by Rick Bhullar are always great, especially for beginners, because he is amazing at showing you what is coming (through video in a little extra screen) but also in explaining what is going to happen and how you should do it. It is a really high paced workout. Now, most walking workouts are, but this one is a little tougher than this one for example. So if you are new to these workouts, maybe try that video by the same trainer first.

My view: With this fast walking workout you will be doing many many steps (about 5000) in 40 minutes and won’t be bored for a second! No warmup or cool down though, so make some time for that yourself please.

+ 40 minutes
+ walking workout
+ low impact cardio
+ no jumping
+ male trainer
+ with timer
+ without warmup or cool down
+ with step count
+ with music
+ follow along
+ no equipment


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