When you see Alex and Daniel from Body Project bickering (in a fun way) throughout this entire workout (challenge), you would almost think that it’s not that hard. Well, then you would be wrong.

This fun cardio challenge (they challenge each other) starts off with a nice warmup, ends with a great cooling down and kicks your butt right through the middle.

The great thing about this workout is that Daniel shows you low impact exercises, while Alex works through the whole thing in high impact. So you can easily choose with every exercise who you want to follow and change it up troughout the workout.

What to expect: when you choose to work with the high impact exercises you have to expect some jumping. Some kickboxing, squats, burpees, it’s all there. But as I said: you can get through the entire 45 minutes without jumping so that’s just really great.

My view: near the end of the workout Daniel asks Alex: how are you still talking? And you will feel that. But this video is really fun and a really really good workout. You can modify it to fit a semi beginner level, but it will still be hard work. So I am not advising this for ‘beginner beginners’ if that makes any sense.

+ 45 minutes
+ Cardio
+ Modifications
+ No equipment
+ Follow along
+ With music
+ High intensity and Low intensity options
+ Intermediate and advanced

– Although I thought it as funny, you might find the friendly banter distracting at the beginning. You’ll probably won’t notice it much further along though.


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