“Burn lots of calories and have fun doing it.” That’s pretty much the description of this 45 minute dance cardio video.

What to expect

This video starts with a great warmup. Your arms, legs, feet, everything gets some attention. That is a good thing because this video is going to be high impact, if you want. You should definitely expect a challenge, but that’s what you are here for right! You want to workout! Well, this video will help you do just that.

If you are not here for the jumping though, watch Alice on the right. She shows you the low impact versions of the moves! This video also includes a 20 minute full body sculpting block, to give you a little break from al the dancing. After 45 minutes you’ve done a lot of work and you can be very proud of yourself.

My view

This is a great dance cardio workout because instructor Simone De La Rue knows exactly how to slow down just enough to talk you through the moves, so you can master the routine without you standing still.

It’s a 45 minute workout and you’ll be moving the whole time, wether it’s dancing or sculpting. And it’s fun! Following along with this Popsugar workout video makes you feel like you are hanging out and dancing with your friends. What better way to burn those calories, right?

+ 45 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ Sculpting (full body)
+ Female trainer
+ High paced, high intensity, high impact
+ All fitness levels
+ With modifications
+ Follow along


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