A-skips, jogs, high knees, lateral shuffles and active stretching. And that’s just the warmup! Jamal Liggin is taking it to another level in this Sport Performance Class. And I didn’t even mention the sprinter explosive push-ups jet.

What to expect

The jump squats and ice skaters are not very neighbor friendly, but you will definitely get a great workout in. I love this workout because the trainer will give you many, many options to modify the workout to your level.

My view

Jamal is such a great motivator! If you’ve never worked out with him, please do so now! I loved it. Nike calls this video: “A home friendly workout” for all levels of fitness. Okay, this is technically true. But the agility and strength work in this workout is hard work. Also, there will be some jumping so it’s mostly home friendly if you don’t live on an upper level. But you don’t need any equipment and just a small amount of space. That is always great!

+ 45 minutes
+ Full body
+ Bodyweight strength
+ Warmup and Cool down
+ Modifications
+ High intensity
+ Male trainer
+ Music
+ Follow along
+ No equipment
+ All levels

– No timer, but Jamal coaches you through every second of every set!


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