One of the reviews of this video by Anna from Growingannanas says this as an ‘intense but gentle’ workout. And I think that is exactly right! It’s a no equipment (except for a chair) and no jump strength workout that is definitely going to make you sweat a lot!

What to expect: Many many exercises, all created to work your muscles intensely. Mountain climbers, bulgarian squats, side planks, push ups and glute bridges. And nothing is repeated. Be warned: this workout is hard and intense. She calls it an advanced workout, and it is. Some exercises, like the elevated planks, are really really tough. And with 45 minutes, it’s not over quickly either.

My view: if you are looking for a real challenge without having to jump, this is it. Although the exercises that Anna starts with in this workout aren’t the hardest, I’m not going to go so far as to call it a warmup. So take some time for dynamic stretches before you start or check out these warmup video’s.

+ 45 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ No talking
+ No jump/Apartment friendly
+ No equipment
+ Bodyweight strength
+ Timer
+ Intermediate and advcanced
+ 50 seconds workout / 10 seconds rest
+ No warmup, with cool down

– She doesn’t talk during the exercises. So this workout is not just intermediate/advanced because of the workout itself. She does not give any tips, explanations or advise during this workout. So please be well aware of your own body and your form during these 45 minutes.


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