Slow and controlled movements will help you build muscle with this workout. Heather Robertson only creates no-talking workouts, so please look closely, follow along and enjoy this quiet focussed workout.

What to expect: a great full-body warmup gets you ready for all of the heavy lifting. You’ll need dumbells with this workout, and I would advice to have a couple of different weights handy. Heather advices to start heavy and drop down in weight if it gets too heavy in the second and third set.

My view: You will complete three rounds of each exercise before you move on to the next, so you will feel that burn for sure. I do advice to only do this workout if you are used to working out with weights. If you haven’t, please try a workout with a talking trainer first.

There is a warmup and cool down included in this workout.

+ 45 minutes
+ full body workout
+ with dumbells
+ no talking
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ female trainer
+ with warmup and cool down
+ intermediate & advanced


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