No repeats!

What to expect

If you get bored easy during strength workouts (I feel you), this is a great one to choose! This non-talking full body workout has no repeats! Every exercise is different, and will target a different muscle. You’ll be both using your body-weight as well as dumbbells for resistance.

My view

You’ll be sweating as you burn some serious calories, and build strength! Which is just a great combination. I recommend this workout because it is a lovely full body, for a great full 45 minutes including a warmup and cool down.

+ 45 minutes
+ full body
+ dumbells
+ female trainer
+ no talking
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ intermediate & advanced
+ including warmup and cool down

This workout is part of my Sculpt & tone strength workout plan for women: an 8 week home workout program, that I have created specifically for women, using only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about my home workout plans (with and without dumbells), just click here.


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