I have never done a class by Breathe and Flow before, so this is my first review of one of their yoga classes. As you know I only review videos that I love so you can be sure I loved this one. It’s technically a beginner flow. But I would recommend this to anyone (beginner nor not) that is in need for a 45 minute break from whatever you are doing. And don’t we all just really need that?

What to expect:

You’ll only need some pillows and a mat to get started. Even though some moves and poses are not the easiest and will challenge you a bit, the trainer will lead you through this accessible flow, so don’t think about it too much. Toward the end there is time for an extended savasana (corpse pose) with a little surprise. All in all you will feel great after these 45 minutes.

My view:

I love my yoga but I am not a very spiritual girl. This yoga workout for me, holds the perfect balance between a challenging flow and calming relaxation. I will definitely be doing this one many, many times.

+ 45 minutes
+ Vinyasa
+ Yoga flow
+ Relaxing
+ For all fitness levels
+ Female trainer
+ With sound healing
+ Great after a long day/week


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