This is a quick, easy, safe and good cardio workout for ultimate beginners.

My view: so, why would I review a five minute cardio workout? Well, there is a good reason for it. Many reasons actually. The first one is that I love this workout. It is so safe and very well thought out. You move every muscle in your body and you will get your heart rate up but it is still very very safe and a good place to start for many people.

Second: when you just start working out you don’t need to do 30 minutes HIIT sessions. Actually I would prefer you didn’t. Start slowly, familiarize yourself with the moves and then slowly add on. This can mean doing this 5 minute workout twice or even three times or try something else. Whatever feels comfortable.

Third: a quick cardio session can be a great add-on to a strength workout, if you are in the mood to get that heart rate up a bit and feel that lovely after workout feeling in your muscles.

What to expect: pretty much all the basic cardio moves like marching, walking back and forth, moving laterally and getting your knees up. There is no jumping involved in this one and you can always take it a bit more slowly than the trainer.

+ 5 minutes
+ cardio
+ low impact/no jump
+ follow along
+ with music
+ no equipment
+ female trainer


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