Nike started these community workouts when most parts of the world were in or headed for a lockdown. Working out at home became a way for everyone to get their workout time in, even with gyms being closed and having to stay at home as much as possible. And then my favorite ass kicker @kirstygodso dropped this 50 minute video of fire.

What to expect

So if you don’t get it yet: somewhere 3/4’s into the workout you will be in some serious pain. Although I love this woman and I want everyone to workout with her (because I think that can make the difference between working out because you have to and working out because you want to), be warned before you start. The cardio block is really tough.

My view

Kirsty Godso is also one of the best trainers out there. Although her workouts are seriously tough, she also gives many cues throughout the 50 minutes and explains every exercise perfectly.

What I especially love is the extended warmup with so many great stretch exercises + the glute activation series that Kirsty can talk you through like no other. And the feeling afterwards fo course!

If you think you can handle it, just take this little advice: you will get tired during this and that’s always bad news for your posture. So take that modification when you need to! As Kristy always says herself: bench your ego!

+ 50 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ No equipment (only a mat)
+ Cardio & Strength
+ Intermediate to Advanced
+ Modifications


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