This workout can either be exactly what you are looking for or a very humbling experience, haha! Yes it’s a 60 minutes workout so you kind of know what you are getting into, but these women are showing that you need some real strength to get through this much aerobics.

What to expect: Sure, there are some breaks but when you decide to do this workout, be ready to WORK. Because of the many modifications that are given this workout is – technically – for everyone. But you do need some high level stamina to keep up with five women in this video!

My view: I love this workout by POPSUGAR FITNESS trainer Jeanette Jenkins. It’s high energy, it’s hard work but most of all it’s fun. For all fitness levels. You don’t need any equipment, just a positive attitude.

+ 60 minutes
+ Cardio
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ Sculpting
+ Kickboxing
+ Modifications
+ No equipment
+ Including warming up and cooling down
+ With music
+ All levels


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