This is a great quick 7-minute workout for your core and lower back.

What to expect

This workout combines a few great (and my personal favorite) core exercises. You’ll be working with planks, crunches, beetles and Supermans in two working sets with a 1 minute break in between.

My view

The exercises are great (they tackle all the right muscles) and they are all explained very well and especially why you should do them: a strong core helps with your posture and your workouts.

This is a quick video and I’m going to give it a short review! I know that it’s the wrong brand, as this video is created by Adidas, but the only thing there is left to say here is ‘Just do it’!

+ 7 minutes
+ core workout
+ no real warmup or cool down
+ female trainer
+ with previews
+ all fitness levels
+ with music
+ follow along
+ no timer


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