“Trainer Donovan Green proves that a chair can do more than just provide a resting place for your butt. You can sit and get fit any time, any place, anywhere.” This is the description of this video on the YouTube chanel of Chair Workouts. And it’s true!

This ab workout is great if you have a (lower body) injury, are overweight, older, or have any other reason why you prefer to do your workouts seated.

What to expect: a great quick ab workout, while sitting down. This is a great one to do twice or even three times or tag along after another chair workout that focusses less on the abs. Ad a nice stretch sequence or short yoga practice and your body will thank you!

My view: this video shows you how you can work on strengthening your abs without having to stand up. I love the way the trainer explains all the exercises and really guides you through the workout. The trainer is great, the workout is great. I approve!

+ < 10 minutes
+ seated core workout
+ perfect if you have a (lower body) injury
+ bodyweight strength
+ male trainer
+ follow along
+ a chair to sit on


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