This is a quick, accessible yoga session. A great six minute stretch to do after your workout, if it didn’t include a cool down or you feel a bit tight.

What to expect: a nice little stretch that is perfect for beginners. As Adriene says herself: a post workout practice that’s just what your body needs to stay healthy, happy and injury free.

My view: Taking time to cool off, stretch and restore is always a goo idea. And when it’s under ten minutes, there is really no reason not to. And don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before. As I said it’s very accessible. It’s low key yoga. And Adriene is the best. Trust me.

This video is great for beginners. Nontheless: always listen to your body, enjoy the stretches and just don’t take it too far.

+ 6 minutes
+ yoga
+ restorative stretches
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ all fitness levels
+ post workout
+ no equipment


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