Hi! I am Nicolet (@nicoletboon). A wife, mother of two girls and personal trainer. In other words: I am very busy. As you are too, I am sure.

I love being a trainer but I also need to workout on my own and not think about anything else for an hour or so. But it can be hard to find a workout that.. well I’m just gonna say it: works out for me. There is a video (or better yet 100 videos) for all types of sports to do at home. And thats great! But I usually really only need ONE good one and some days I just can’t find it.

It’s happened to you to right? Sitting in your active wear, hair in a ponytail (in my case at least), ready to ‘Just do it!’ and 30 minutes later I am still not doing anything!

So I decided to do something about this. I dedicated some time to navigate myself through the wilderness of free online workouts. Which ones are really worth my time? Which trainers do I love? I preferably don’t want to do a workout that is filmed in an unappealing setting (I am a sucker for good ambiance) or follow along with someone that doesn’t really know what they are doing.

Also, what is the most fun way to burn calories, which is the best ab workout. Or wat did I need when I had that injury and could only workout sitting down? I found them and I saved them.

So here I am. Devoting my time to finding only the most fun, inspiring and worthwhile workouts that are just GOOD. And I am sharing them with you. These are the workouts that I love. And I hope you will too.

I only post the workouts that I think are really good. So when you pick one from my selection, you know you won’t be disappointed. In stead you’ll be working out safely & effectively with only the best trainers from all over the world. And you’ll probably even have fun doing it!

This way I hope to help you avoid the bad workouts, the injuries, all the stuff that gets in the way of your health and ruins your motivation. So you can actually achieve your fitness goals and feel good. The reason why you want to do these workouts in the first place!

Let’s become and stay fit together, safely from our own home. Lockdown or no lockdown, the home gym is open 24/7!

Click here to find your next workout!

Love, Nicolet