It’s got squats, it’s got music, it’s got abs and it’s got kickboxing! I love love love this workout by Popsugar Fitness. It’s a high heart-rate one, so lots and lots of cardio is involved. But what I love most is that they give you so many options for modifications during this workout! Anyone can get a great workout out of this. No matter your fitness level.

What to expect

This video is a great alternative if you have done many HIIT and/or HIT workouts and you are in the mood to try something new. You’ll be jabbing, jumping and learning some great boxing-arm combos.

My view

This is a great one to get your energy up for beginners but I can also highly recommend this video if you want a more intermediate or advanced workout. Whichever one you are, however you choose to do this workout: you will definitely have a really good sweat!

+ 30 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ High energy
+ Kickboxing
+ Music
+ Follow along
+ Repeating circuits 
+ All levels (with modifications)
+ Warmup and cool down


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