How do I decide what workout video makes it onto my website? 

Not all of the workout videos that I find on Youtube make it on here. Better yet, a lot of them don’t. Even though I wouldn’t be able to create a perfect workout video myself, I do know what a great workout looks like. 

I know posture, I know form. I know why we do certain exercises, I also know when we should and especially when we shouldn’t do them. I know when a trainer is capable of accurately explaining why and how you should do an exercise. I can tell when a workout does what it says it does, I know when a trainer gives decent modifications of harder exercises. I also know when a video isn’t all these things. 

As a trainer, I used to watch and follow along with YouTube workout videos for inspiration and to use as my own workouts. Which for me was really a way to be able to workout without having to think about what to do, or explain something to someone else. I love that. Just follow along and trust the trainer in the video. But I wasn’t satisfied with some of the videos that I watched. And more and more I kept finding workouts that aren’t very helpful. Which is part of why I started this platform. 

I want those of you that are motivated to workout at home, to have easy access to great online videos. To spend time with great trainers and do amazing workouts. Because there are so many of them out there. For free! You just have to find them. Well.. on my platform, these are the only ones you’ll find.

The things that make me sad

So, how do I decide if a video is good? Well, first off, I want to check two very important boxes. These focus on the negatives. Things that not only make me cringe but which I believe have no right to be in a workout video. In other words: the things that make me sad: 

  1. Is the trainer having problems with his or her posture throughout the workout?
  2. Is the trainer not explaining the exercises safely?*

If I see this in a workout video, I won’t post it. 

*I almost only post workouts that are ‘narrated’. In other words: the trainer will be talking throughout the workout and give cues, tips and modifications. I do occasionally post a ‘no-talk’ workout because I know some of you love to do these (as do I). However, I am not keen on non-talking beginner workouts. So you won’t find many of them on this platform. This is because I believe that beginners need to really get the basics right. And they probably need help with that. This way I try to make sure the workouts are really safe. So you can eventually get stronger, better. And move up to harder workouts. 

Safety first

So right now, this is pretty much what I first look for in a workout. If the posture is wrong, the workout will never make it onto my website. And that is not because I am mean or strict (well maybe I am a bit strict), it’s mostly because while working out at home you are all alone. No one can watch you and help you with your form. The only way I can try to make sure you are doing the workout correctly, is by only sharing workout videos that give you the right example. 

We’re not there yet 

So I have asked the two main questions. But then I go on to checking off these boxes:

  • Does this workout do what it says it does?
    For example: the title is ‘full body cardio’, is it really? 
  • Is the workout titled with the right difficulty level?
    And if not, is it safe enough for me to give some extra guidance in my review?
    When a workout is claiming to be ‘beginner’ but there are many difficult or strenuous exercises in the workout, that in my opinion have no reason to be in a beginner workout, I probably won’t post it. Or, if I really love the workout, I would write a disclaimer in the review and let you know that it is better suited for intermediates for example.  
  • Is the quality of the sound and the image OK?
    If you can’t hear or see the workout well, it is not only unpleasant but it can also be too much of a distraction. 

These to me are the basics of a good workout video. If these aren’t all ticked off, you won’t find it on my platform.

The things that make me happy 

So these were pretty much all negatives. But of course, there are also many attributes a workout can have that make me very happy. And a lot of them do. For example:

  • Modifications
  • Extensive explanations (especially with beginner workouts)
  • Great form, posture plus tips and cues regarding form and posture
  • A timer, 
  • A preview of the next exercise or enough ‘rest’ time to explain what is coming up,
  • A warmup and cool down that fit well with the specific workout
  • A good flow in the workout, not too much time spent listening and standing still by the
  • A preview of the exercises that will be in the workout shown at the beginning of the workout 

So whenever you press play on a workout video that I have reviewed on this platform, you can be sure of the fact that I completely stand by that workout. I love the exercises, I respect the trainer, it is safe, it does what it says it does, the quality is good. And I would recommend or do this workout myself.

If you have any questions about my process, about a workout or if you want to know which workouts would be right for you.. Don’t hesitate to ask! Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

Love, Nicolet