When Tom from Silvaback fitness asked me if I wanted to try out their platform, I immediately had a quick look at their instagram (@silvaback_fitness_) to check out who they are. It is immediately clear to me that this is a platform that wants to inspire and make it easier for people to workout at home. So of course, I said yes!

Overview of the platform 

When I first log on to the website I immediately get access to many home workouts, nutrition advice, recipes and even gym workouts on video. Since I am all about working out at home, I decide to mainly focus my attention on this part of the platform. That doesn’t mean that the rest isn’t a great addition, though! 

Live classes and pre-recorded workouts 

Silvaback Fitness provides live online classes throughout the week (via zoom) and if these times aren’t convenient, you can just choose one of the 100 pre-recorded home workouts that you can follow along with anytime, anywhere. Just filter through their database to find the workout that you want. This is all pretty self explanatory and it works well. 

They provide yoga, strength, stretching, upper body or full body with weights, ab workouts, pilates, HIIT without equipment and more. So there is something for everybody and you can easily try out new workouts. Yay! They last anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, which is great. Silvaback says they want to make it easier for you to workout at home and I must say that they keep their promise!

The live workouts are all about 30 minutes, which is great also. When you really think about it, I am sure that you can set aside 30 minutes in your day to workout. There are classes available in the morning and in the evening, so whatever works for you. The live workout that I tried was great, the other clients (about four of them) all had their cameras on, and even though you won’t be looking at the others (the workout is already hard enough when you stay focussed yourself), it does have a nice feel to it. Like you are doing it together. 

This is why I especially love the combination of pre-recorded workout videos and the access to live workouts. With working(out) at home, we spend so much time alone or with the same people and in the same space, it can get a bit monotonous. Having access to multiple live workouts during the week, is a great way to mix it up a bit. And to have some extra human contact! 

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The workouts 

I tried a few workouts and I was really pleased. The trainers are in their own home (so don’t expect a fancy studio) but the sound is fine and the workouts are solid. Modifications were given during all the workouts that I tried, which is always a huge plus in my book! All the workouts are ‘follow along’ and ‘talking’ workouts.

Some exercises were new to me (I always love to do something new) and the levels of intensity were accurate (the ‘beginner workout’ was really a beginner workout). I do think it can sometimes take a bit long for the workout to actually start (after the warmup and the walkthrough of the exercises) but that is probably very personal. They do take their time for a proper explanation and that is important when you don’t work face to face. 

So, the explanations are thorough but there isn’t a lot of chit chat during the workouts. This can either be a pro or a con for you. To me, this differs from day to day. Sometimes I love a quirky story or a plant almost being knocked over during the workout. It can make the workout more ‘human’ in a way. Other days I just want to do the work and focus. And I have to say: when you join a platform like this, you probably do it because you want to get to work. And that is what you get. 

The only thing that I miss with the pre-recorded videos, is a summary of what’s about to go down. I usually use the exercise list to choose the workout that I want to do. Unfortunately, Silvaback doesn’t always provide this on the video page. Although I must say, they do sometimes put up a list of the exercises at the beginning of the workout or right after the warmup. So that is pretty close. And with the AMRAP video I did, the exercises were shown on the screen during the whole thing. So that’s good. 

Some quick notes: 

  • I didn’t review the gym workouts, but I think it can be great to bring the platform with you to the gym. What I really love is the 12 week program they provide that includes not just a list of exercises but also a video of the specific exercises. 
  • As I said before: the home workouts are filmed at home, so don’t expect a fancy studio or something like that. In my opinion you don’t need this: as long as the exercises are good and the trainer is a professional. But I do want to add this info, so you know what to expect.
  • The timer that is used in the workouts is a bit loud. So if you use headphones, don’t turn up the volume too loud. I am telling you this by experience.
  • I did a quick scan of the nutrition part of the platform and I must say that it looked really great. There are more than 200 recipes available in the nutrition section. And you get an overview of not just the calories but the MACRO’s in each meal as well. Which is really great if you either want to lose weight or gain muscle. 
  • There is a calorie calculator available for members, so you know exactly how high your count should be for your specific goal.
  • You can download and print a blank meal planner that you can use to plan your meals with (and use their recipes while minding your MACRO’s).
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About the platform 

If you want to try Silvaback fitness you should know that the basic, all access, subscription gets you into the live workouts, access to the pre-recorded content, a nutrition guide and the calorie calculator. If you go for the platinum plan you get all of the above but also some other perks like a personalised nutrition guide, a monthly progression review and goal setting meetup and more. Checkout their website at silvabackfitness.com for more info and pricing. 

Verdict: 4/5

The Silvaback Fitness platform is very versatile and professional from the trainers home to yours. It is a great way to lose weight or gain more muscle, while working out at home (or even in the gym). Especially with the combination of workouts + nutrition advice, goal setting meetups and progression reviews. This platform might be able to help you not only get started but to keep going as well. And that is where the magic happens.


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