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35 minutes yoga and mobility session for your lower body by Shona Vertue

Oh my gosh, you will benefit from this workout so much! This workout is part of my ‘6 week strength and mobility plan’. This program is created to fit all fitness levels and will help increase your mobility, flexibility and muscular strength. Click here to find out more. What to expect After a little intro …

All workouts Yoga & Stretching

30 minutes stretch routine for beginners by MadFit

Would you like to gain more flexibility? Then you need to invest some time by doing workouts like these. Stretching is important and beneficial to your body. It will help you feel a lot better in general and help prevent (workout) injuries. This workout by MadFit is also part of my ‘6 week strength and …

All workouts Yoga & Stretching

10 minutes stretching or warmup routine by Natacha Océane

I love this stretching/mobility routine. Great as-is, if you feel like you need to move around a bit during or after a long day of sitting. This workout is also great if you want to increase your over-all mobility, which can be very helpful in your other workouts. What to expect It’s 10 moves that …

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10 minute Post Workout Yoga Cool Down Lower Body by Sarah Beth Yoga

This is a post-workout yoga sequence that focusses on the lower body. This is a great cool down to choose after a run or a leg-day workout. It is fully narrated and calming. Follow along with this video to calm your body and mind after a workout and get ready for the rest of your …

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15 minutes full body seated stretches by Caroline Jordan

A great over-all feel good stretch for your whole body. That is how I would describe this video. Also great to use as a warmup before or cool down after a heavier chair workout. What to expect: well, trainer Caroline Jordan tells it best herself in the description of this video on YouTube. A quick …

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4 minutes seated dynamic pre workout stretching by Pahla B Fitness

This dynamic stretch warmup is 4 minutes of perfection, if you want to do a seated workout that does not include a warmup. This will help you get your muscles warm and ready before you start the workout. + 4 minutes+ seated warmup+ dynamic stretch+ follow along+ you only need a chair

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6 minutes post workout yoga by Yoga with Adriene

This is a quick, accessible yoga session. A great six minute stretch to do after your workout, if it didn’t include a cool down or you feel a bit tight. What to expect: a nice little stretch that is perfect for beginners. As Adriene says herself: a post workout practice that’s just what your body …

All workouts Yoga & Stretching

10 minutes cool down and stretch workout by Adidas

This is a great stretch routine to do after your workout. But if you have been sitting down all day (at your desk for example), I can also really recommend this video by Adidas. It’s a great stretch workout and the trainer talks you through all the exercises really well. During this workout you will …

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8 minute dynamic full body warmup workout by Tara Laferrara

This is a follow along warmup video for your whole body. Start with this before any workout and you’ll be ready for anything. What you can expect: some lunges, twists, quad stretches, figure 4 stretch, cross jacks and jumping jacks. You will be stretching, rotating and activating your abs and glutes. This video by Tara …