Bodyweight workouts can easily be modified to your personal fitness level, so it is always just right for you and your body. And if you are looking to build muscle, bodyweight training can definitely get you some real strength gains.

These are what I believe to be the best bodyweight workouts on YouTube.

35 minutes full body workout by Betina Gozo

This woman (@betinagozo) is just so wonderfully sweet, happy end energetic, that she almost makes you forget in how much pain you are during her workouts.

Usually Betina is team #legday, but in this 40 minute video you can do a full body workout with her. And please do! You won’t regret it. Because it is such a good one! You will get your heart racing and your muscles burning. A true full body powerhouse!

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25 minutes upper body & core workout by FitnessBlender

FitnessBlender workouts are always so calm and clean when you first look at them. But the sheer amount of info that you are given during this workout + the big number of exercises you’ll be doing is astonishing to me. Love, love, love it. No music, cool background or anything to distract you. It is a clean workout, that will give you sore muscles for a few days!

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40 minutes cardio & sculpting by POPSUGAR FITNESS

I love Popsugar Fitness workouts and I love Jake Dupree. The combination is killing! But so satisfying, you have no idea. This workout will set fire to places you didn’t know you had. If you are still in doubt, after this workout you’ll know for sure you don’t need weights to get an amazing workout in!

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25 minutes extreme core workout by Blogilates

This core workout is great but also a little crazy. So if you already know that core strength is not your strong point, maybe wait a bit before starting this one. But if you are more intermediate and in the mood to feel your obliques over the next couple of days, then all I can say is have fun! 

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30 minutes lower body strength


Classic moves that help you strengthen your lower body muscles without equipment. Love it! I like to do a workout that covers all the basics once in a while. And this workout does exactly that. 

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30 minutes Bodyweight strength by Kayla Itsines

This bodyweight workout makes you go through a little bit of everything. I love the strength exercises and the HIIT. Just be ready to get that heart rate up! This workout is not easy, but it isn’t meant to be! Kayla Itsines is tough, but the workout suitable for all fitness levels. All you have to do is use the modifications to make this workout less or more challenging. So make it your own. 

20 minutes glutes + abs toning workout by Popsugar Fitness

A great warmup, a great workout and a great cool down.. I just love this workout. Working with exerises like this will help you get stronger and gain more mobility.

This is a no-equipment workout that will challenge you to work a little bit harder, hold a little bit longer and go a little bit further.

I can’t think of any reason why not to do this workout.

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Want some more?

These workouts are all part of the at-home workout plans that I have created to make it easier for you to stick to your workout routine! You don’t have to search for the right workout, I have done all the work. All you have to do is press play and start your workout. You can find all my plans right here.

Maybe the intermediate low impact plan is something that would fit you well! Or what about a plan dat combines cardio & strength workouts like this one? If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you!

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