Do you want to work on creating a stronger core?

Are you ready to set your mind to a lot of core exercises? Are you curious to see what this can do for your body? Then this is the challenge for you!

The challenge is setup like this:

  • 3 weeks
  • 4 workouts per week
  • We’re starting out with some beginner classes that really focus on getting the basics right.
  • We’ll be moving on to more challenging YouTube core workouts each week.
  • Finishing with one of my favourite and most challenging workouts.

Good luck and enjoy!

If you want to know more about the health benefits of a strong core and what core exercises can do for a ‘flat belly’ please scroll down to the end of this page!

Disclaimer: Not all of these workouts include a warmup and cool down. To cover all your bases, please start with a quick warmup like this one or this one. Finish with this or any other cool down when you are done.

Workout 1: 15 minutes Beginner abs workout by Blogilates

I love starting challenges or programs with beginner workouts, because this way we all have the chance to do it right. Taking it back a bit, even if you are used to doing more hardcore workouts, helps you focus on your form and be mindful of the places you should be feeling the burn. So enjoy! And listen carefully to all the tips and advice that Blogilates shares with you.

Workout 2: 10 minutes Plank basics by Dr. LA

This is another great one to get the basics right. And today it’s all about planks. Planking is a great way to strengthen your muscles. And since you haven’t done a lot of planking in the first workout, these are great follow up exercises. Listen carefully to all the tips on the right posture and form, and use them as we proceed into the more difficult workouts. Read the full review of this planking workout here.

Workout 3: 10 minutes Quick core workout by Popsugar

A great little warmup will get you ready before starting this workout. Knee hug bicycles, crunch variations and seated twists will help you tone your abs during this quick ten minute session. Some of the exercises are more difficult than others (especially when you have to hold them for an extended period of time) but it is all very doable and fun. There are some exercises in here that were new to me. So I hope it will surprise you as well!

Workout 4: 15 minutes beginner abs by MadFit

The last workout of this first week is by one of my favourite YouTube trainers: MadFit. The exercises cover all the basics ánd all the core muscles, while not putting too much strain on your back (something that happens a lot to those of us that don’t have very strong core muscles yet). The only exercise in this video that you really need to take extra care of your posture is the ‘scissor legs’. Listen extra carefully to all the tips and info that MadFit shares with you during this exercise (e.g. keep your back to the floor!).

This is also the last ‘beginner’ workout that I will throw your way in this challenge.

Now it is time to take a few days off. Relax and give your core some rest, before we start up again next week.

Workout 5: full core workout by Fitness Blender

In this 30 minute ab workout by The Fitness Blender you’ll be working on your ‘complete core’ which also includes the lower back. You’ll also get lots of info about what you are doing and why. Which, as I am sure you know by now, you know I really love. This is not a beginner workout though, so get yourself ready for a bit of a challenge! If you are feeling really strong and you have some light dumbells lying around, you can use those as well. But this you can do this without any equipment as well.

Workout 6: 30 minutes Yoga core by Yoga with Adriene

We’re doing something completely different today! Where it is a good thing to repeat workouts, it is also a good thing to mix it up from time to time! So that is what I want you to do with this workout. This is a yoga workout that focusses on strenghtening your core (and booty). These two muscle groups are often combined, as you’ll see further on this challenge, because it works very well together in one workout. I hope you’ll enjoy this one!

Want to read the full review of this yoga workout before you get started? Just click here.

Workout 7: 10 minutes Barre inspired core by Popsugar

Get ready to work your abs and a bit of your glutes during this ballet-inspired workout created by celebrity trainer Marnie Alton. The workout is completely no-equipment, so ‘barre-inspired’. No barre, chair or other surface is needed. You only need yourself and this video! Enjoy!

Read my full review here.

Workout 8: Total core pilates workout by Move with Nicole 

All the exercises in this workout combined will get you to work your full core and probably some soreness tomorrow. I love the Move with Nicole workouts because she combines so many exercises with a soothing voice and lovely music. This is a pretty tough workout but your muscles will absolutely get stronger by doing it.

Read my review of this workout here.

Ok guys, take a breather now! We’ll be going into the last week soon and I do want you to relax for a bit before we start there. You will be learning some new tricks, be working on that booty and set a lot of fire to those abs. See you next week!

Workout 9: High intensity core workout by Shona Vertue 

This workout has some crazy fun next level exercises in them, but don’t worry: Shona is showing you what to do and how to do it every step of the way. It’s just ten minutes, but you’ll be working really hard! A great way to start a new week full of workouts!

Workout 10: Abs and booty workout by Megan Roup with Popsugar

Megan Roup is one of my favorite fitness trainers, and this is a great workout to show you why. This is a no-equipment workout that will challenge you to work a little bit harder, hold a little bit longer and go a little bit further. With some of Megans signature moves, on your hands and knees, you will definitely feel that burn today (and tomorrow) in both your core and your glutes. This is not an easy workout! But as is true with all these workouts: you’ll feel so great when it’s done.

Read the full review of this workout by clicking this link.

Workout 11: Total core workout by MadFit

This is a grounded workout, everything takes place on your mat. And afterwards your ego will probably be somewhere down there as well. But it is so fun! The workout is made up out of 2 rounds. Each round takes ten minutes: 45 seconds work each exercise with 15 seconds of rest. During the last minute of each round you get a little Russian twist finisher. Oh yeah! So what are you waiting for? let’s go!

Read the full review of this workout here.

Workout 12: Abs and Booty pilates by Jake Dupree from Popsugar

We’re finishing with a bang! So please do not skip this workout! If you choose to do this one, you won’t be sorry. It’s 30 minutes well spent and full of fire. And I mean, Jake Dupree is just so much fun. which makes it a little less hard! It really does

I do advise to read the full review before you start, just so you know what you are getting into. You’ll find out more by clicking this link.

You did it! You have completed three weeks filled with the best core workouts from YouTube! If you really enjoyed having your next workout handed to you like this, you should really try one of my workout plans. Each week you are presented with three workouts or workout combinations to get healthier, fitter, stronger. You don’t have to think about anything other than clicking the link. Just like you did with this challenge. Find out more about my workout plans by clicking here.

A strong core is great for your health

A strong core is great for your over-all health. Because your core muscles are more than just your ‘abs’. It is actually a group of muscles that work together to stabilise and control your pelvis and spine. Kind of like a corset for your body! A strong core helps you to maintain a good posture during daily movements and exercise. It also helps to prevent injuries and lower back pain.

Muscle mass vs. belly fat

Yes, you can create more visible abs with the right core exercises, but these won’t reduce belly fat. That is simply because we can’t target specific areas to loose weight on. That said, increasing the amount of muscle mass in your body will help your body burn more calories. Even when you are not working out. So in the long run, this actually can help you reduce (belly) fat.

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