Are you in the mood to scorch some serious calories? Do you like to be challenged and motivated by quick, high-energy workouts? Are you not sure that you can commit to this burst of motivation for more than two weeks?

Then this is the challenge for you! Two weeks filled with my 6 favorite cardio workouts: now that’s what I call fun!

Workout 1: 20 minutes full body HIIT workout by Dr. LA

I wanted to start the challenge with this one, because it is my personal go-to home workout. All you need is a mat and the space on the mat to do it. Perfect for any home gym! And if you don’t want to jump today, you can easily follow along with the modifications. Enjoy!

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Workout 2: 35 minutes (low impact) cardio by POPSUGAR fitness

Today we’re going low impact. If you want to! You can jump, but why not take the modification and give your joints a bit of a rest? Not all cardio needs to involve jumping, hopping, and skipping to feel your heart rate climb up! This videos trainer, Lauren Boggi created a workout that will burn those calories without doing any high-impact moves. But they are there for you, if you are feeling extra ready today!

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Take a rest-day on the day after this workout. Go out for a walk or do some stretches by following along with one of these.

Workout 3: 30 minutes dance cardio by Fitseveneleven

If your spirits aren’t yet lifted by the fun workouts this past week.. This is the one that will do it for you! Today you are going to follow along with Tanju from Fitseveneleven. This man looks like he (and I believe he really does) loves what he is doing with every fiber of his being. And he is going to try to make you love it just as much. 

This is not an easy workout, but I do hope that you will give it your all and just try it. Keep moving for 30 minutes, you really can’t do anything wrong, just as long as you don’t stand still!

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This is the end of your first cardio-challenge week! Take a few days to recover, maybe do some Yoga or Pilates, and let’s get ready for the second week of the challenge!

Workout 4: 30 minutes cardio bootcamp by SELF


This is a quick bodyweight strength + cardio blast. The much needed extended breaks (60 seconds is a pretty long time) help you keep up with the trainers during this workout. Some basic exercises like lunges are alternated with much more difficult tug ups (a crunch variation). You’ll work in multiple circuits so the exercises are repeated a few times. Have fun!

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After all that cardio, your body might be in the mood for some extra stretching. I have created a list of my favorite mobility & flexibility exercises that are all about giving back to your body. Why not try some of them and see how you feel?

Workout 6: 30 minutes cardio kickboxing by POPSUGAR fitness

There are squats, good music, fire ab exercises and.. kickboxing! I love, love, love this workout by Popsugar Fitness. It’s a high heart-rate one, so lots and lots of cardio is involved. And that is what were here for right!

What I love the most is that they give you so many options for modifications during this workout, that anyone can enjoy this workout on any day. No matter your fitness level or how you got out of bed. I really hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I expect you will.

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Time to give your body a little cardio-break! Take a day (or two) to give your body some rest. Do some yoga, stretching, take a bath and secure a good night sleep. All to get ready for your last killer cardio workout!.

Workout 6: 30 minute cardio by Kayla Itsines

From squats and jumping jacks to bicycle crunches.. It’s all about the cardio and not an easy workout but it is simple:”the only real rule for this workout is to keep moving until the music stops — even if you just jump on the spot or dance to the music instead of completing the exercise.”

Which is a great way to end this challenge, right? If it is a bit too much, don’t worry. Most exercises can easily be adapted to your level, by using the modifications that Kayla shows you. And remember: working out alongside such an inspirational trainer, those 30 minutes will fly by!

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The finish line!

That’s it! You have made it to the finish line. Six crazy, fun, versatile cardio workouts. All done by you! How great is that!

Did you love it? Please let me know in the comments or send me a DM on instagram. I would love to hear from you! And if you’d like to start another challenge, let me know how it should look like. And if you don’t want to quit just yet, just start over! You’ll see your body remembers the moves and you may have way more fun with it the second time around.

Are you in the mood to do more?

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Love, Nicolet